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It has helped me to talk to people, have more confidence in myself, meet new people and feel good - young person, age 12

Here are some of the things that our young people and parents have said about The Project.
Our young people said …

“It’s really enjoyable.” – boy, age 17

“It’s helped my confidence and also some relationships inside/outside of school” – girl, age 13

“It has helped me to relax and see things rationally, improved my confidence and made me feel less judged and alone.” – girl, age 17

“It has helped me to talk to people, have more confidence in myself, meet new people and feel good” – girl, age 12

“I look forward to the chats and food, and the art activities are always fun!” – boy, age 17

“I am getting a lot calmer at home and with friends.” – girl, age 12

“It has increased my self-esteem and social skills, and I know better ways to react to certain situations with people.” – girl, age 13

“I think meeting new people has been really important for me.  Making new friends and being confident with mew people is something that I think has improved in me and is important” – boy, age 17

“[It has helped me} being able to talk to people about how I’m feeling and what’s happened, and getting different view points.” – girl, age 22

“Meeting people who are also in similar situations to me, you feel like you’re not alone.” – girl, age 17

“It’s nice to know I have a place I can come to where people will understand and be there to help.  I’ve enjoyed talking to everyone and making new friends.” – girl, age 17

“I have found the music sessions and discussions about mental health useful and good for my confidence, and has helped with anxiety around other people.” – girl, age 18

“I’ve made a couple of friends within the group; still low self esteem but it’s helped a little bit.  I’m glad I tried the group.” – girl, age 22

The Project has had some very positive effects towards my self esteem and friendships.  I get on well with everyone here, so it doesn’t feel hostile, so I enjoy coming.” – boy, age 17


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