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Another Brick Wall – by Anon.

tunnelImagine being stood in a tunnel, pure darkness.

Suddenly you come across another brick wall.

The thing is you can sit on the floor crying looking up at the wall and stay there for days on end. However sitting there will not change anything. You need to believe you can stand up and walk towards the wall ready to tackle it. Once you decide to start climbing the wall you will fall over and over again but one day you will get over it.

When that day comes you can keep walking through the tunnel.

Every one has brick walls in life and these can be all kind of things that affect people in all different ways.

Coming to The Project gave me the courage to stand up. I don’t even think I’ve started to climb the wall yet. But when I do, I know that everyone at The Project will be there to help me back up.

I guess what I’m trying to say is try to find that tiny bit of courage left within you and use it to tackle the brick wall. Take tiny steps and don’t feel pressured to stay up there it’s OK to fall back down. Take those first steps that are probably the hardest and ask someone for help. No one is saying its going to be easy, because its not.

I haven’t even started my journey and may not do for weeks/months or longer.

Until I get over the brick wall I will be ‘different’ and although people are always saying that it is a good thing I have found it’s not.  Coming to The Project has showed me I’m not a ‘freak’ however often I feel like one and the rest of the world makes me feel like one.

 Lastly I want to thank The project for giving me enough confidence to write this.

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  1. Kerry Cable says:

    A really honest and thought provoking piece of writing that really spoke to me. Thank you for writing it!

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