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Introduction to Mindfulness Skills – Workshop

An Introduction to Mindfulness Skills
(for Parents/Carers supporting a young person with mental health issues)

Tuesday 19th May 2015 – 6.30-8.30pm
Facilitator: Jerry Fox (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services)


mindfulness_poster_UKThis year, Mental Health Awareness Week (11-17 May) is focussing on the benefits of MINDFULNESS in supporting mental health. So, we’re bringing you an Introduction to Mindfulness Skills workshop, so you can find out more about this practice for yourself!

This workshop will take place within our usual monthly Parents/Carers Support Group, with the workshop starting at 7pm, and time to share at the beginning of the session.

Mindfulness-based approaches have become very important in the medical and psychological communities for helping people. Mindfulness is simply a method of mental training, and is about observation without criticism. This free workshop will introduce a range of mindfulness practices, and give you the opportunity to try them out for yourself.

The state of mindfulness has been described as “to be fully in the present moment without judging or evaluating it, without reflecting backwards on past memories, without looking forward to anticipate the future, as in anxious worry, and without attempting to ‘problem-solve’ or otherwise avoid unpleasant aspects of the immediate situation.”

We often think of our thoughts and emotions as being us. As we practice mindfulness we start to realise that thoughts just arise and pass constantly, and emotions are simply what we feel and will also pass. This is really helpful to know, because that means if we can learn skills to help us disengage from them, rather than getting entangled, controlled or overwhelmed by them, we can increase our choices and possibilities of change.

“It is important to help our kids understand that feelings are just temporary. On average, an emotion comes and goes in 90 seconds … The more our children can understand that feelings come and go, the less they’ll get stuck and the more they’ll be able to make good choices.” – Dr Dan Siegel

This workshop will be mostly instructed mindfulness practices (including meditation), and will last approximately 1 ½ – 1 ¾ hours. The session is primarily experiential, and those attending should be happy to try out the various techniques for themselves. For more info, have a look at:

Places are limited, so please book your place by calling Debbie on 07970 167341 or email

Please note: Priority will be given to those parents/carers already attending our support group, or whose children are attending The Project’s support sessions.

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  1. Sarah Temple says:

    Debbie- This looks really fantastic. How would you feel about me promoting with parents in Yeovil? We have had in mind setting up a workshop like this for some time.Very best wishes Sarah- Dr Sarah Temple

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