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Just Another Day – by Kate

happy sad masks

Just Another Day
by Kate N

Time to wake up,
Get going and face the day,
I look at the clock and think of an excuse to stay,
But face it I must, and up I get
Out of my warm safe comfy bed,
Up into the world anxious and shy.
But be happy and smile to make the day go by,
Bit by bit it happens,
You feel scared by my emotions,
One minute I’m up the next I’m down
Just like riding in the ocean,
Home at last safe as can be
I shed my mask as I can be me,
No falseness
No hiding
No sneaking
Or lying.
I’m different to you!
So accept me as me.
I may be emotional but just let me be
I don’t mean to hurt you or make you sad,
But things get to me more and make me mad.

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  1. Jenny Hackett says:

    Thanks for this Kate, for saying it how it is!

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