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Just as with our physical health, there are times when we can struggle with our mental health.  Our mental health can be affected by all sorts of things – stress, exams, relationship break-ups, problems at home or work, the death of someone close to you, bullying.  And sometimes, it is not clear why a problem has started – it just has!

If you are worried about how you’ve been feeling, you don’t need to struggle in silence.shadow1

At The Project, we recognise that it isn’t always easy to talk about our emotional and mental wellbeing.  Fear about what other people might say, or of being laughed at, or not taken seriously can often stop us from taking that step.

Here at The Project, we are here to help!

Our support sessions provide an opportunity for young people to explore their concerns in a safe, friendly and non-judgemental environment.  Run by a team of staff and volunteers, our sessions are an opportunity to meet others, to talk, share, give and receive support in an informal, non-clinical setting.

It has helped me to talk to people, have more confidence in myself, meet new people and feel good - young person, age 12

Our volunteers and staff range in age and experience, with the majority having either a lived experience of mental health difficulties, or professional experience in this field.  Everyone involved in The Project is there because they want to help, and you can be assured of a warm welcome.

Information about our Support Sessions for Young People

Some of the young people who have come to The Project have made a welcome film in order to help other young people decide if they would like to give the sessions a try. The link for the video is: