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“This Is My Mental Illness” Art Exhibition

This summer, The Project is hosting an art exhibition to raise awareness of mental illness! Thursday 29 June – Sunday 2 July 2017 Pippins Community Centre, Axminster It’s not always easy (or possible) to put your feelings into words. I, like a lot of people, find it much easier to express my mental illness and […]

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The Last Time – written by one of our young people, Gemma

The Last Time. This is the last time I’m going to write about you. I could probably write a book about you, and all the things we did together, but, at the end of the day, you couldn’t even write a sentence about me. So I’m giving myself a rest. My Fingers know your name […]

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Depression is an illness – not a lifestyle choice! – by Debbie

Depression is an illness – not a lifestyle choice! I was away on holiday this week when news of Robin Williams death reached me via my Facebook newsfeed, and I was deeply saddened to read that he had taken his own life. I had not been aware previously of his battles with addiction and mental […]

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Another Brick Wall – by Anon.

Imagine being stood in a tunnel, pure darkness. Suddenly you come across another brick wall. The thing is you can sit on the floor crying looking up at the wall and stay there for days on end. However sitting there will not change anything. You need to believe you can stand up and walk towards […]

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Hormones, Huskies & Happy Endings…. – by Kerry C

The first time I remember skipping a meal was when I was 8/9. I was at primary school and – I can’t remember why –but I decided I wasn’t going to eat my packed lunch for a few days. My best friend at the time told my mum and she had a talk with me […]

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