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Mental Health Support is a Necessity

In his speech at our recent birthday event, the guest of honour and Mayor of Axminster, Jeremy Walden, pointed out that it’s a shame The Project needs to exist. If you went to your GP or a hospital A&E department with a physical condition requiring urgent treatment, he said, you would be rightly appalled if […]

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Why I Run – By Rich Potter (Volunteer)

On Sunday 12 th March, Myself and my friend, George, will be running the Bath Half Marathon. We have been using this opportunity to fundraise money for two charities: MacMillan Cancer Support & The Project. On the fundraising page (link below) you can find our reasons for choosing these two great charities; what you won’t […]

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Second Mental Health Award Nomination!

                        This is an article taken from the local paper, ‘View from Axminster’ today. Debbie will be heading down to the awards ceremony this week. Whether we win or not it’s an absolute honour to be nominated.    

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Another Brick Wall – by Anon.

Imagine being stood in a tunnel, pure darkness. Suddenly you come across another brick wall. The thing is you can sit on the floor crying looking up at the wall and stay there for days on end. However sitting there will not change anything. You need to believe you can stand up and walk towards […]

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Katie attends national conference on mental health and wellbeing – by Katie R

I represented The Project at the Youth Work Counts conference in Leeds, which was hosted by Ambition and UK Youth. I was really inspired by all the good work going on around the country with regards to young people’s wellbeing. I thought it would be a good opportunity for those interested to hear a little […]

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Another (Different) Brick in the Wall – by Kerry C

People are always saying motivational things about how it’s great to be different. But, when I think back over my life the first experiences that come to mind are always memories of negative experiences of it. For example, I was born with an extra bone in my left foot. That’s pretty different. It’s a very […]

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